TUNNELS - Infinite Multiple

December 11, 2018 10:29 AM

TUNNELS is the first Eurorack module from Olympia Modular.

TUNNELS is a new type of Eurorack utility from Olympia Modular, a collaboration between Patterning developer Ben Kamen and Buchla Development Engineer Charles Seeholzer.  

TUNNELS is an “Infinite Multiple” which takes the idea of a multiple and expands it to reach multiple locations in your modular synthesizer.  

TUNNELS - Infinite Multiple for Eurorack Synthesizers

Olympia Modular is raising funds for TUNNELS - Infinite Multiple for Eurorack Synthesizers on Kickstarter! TUNNELS is a new type of eurorack utility that allows you to duplicate and route signals across your modular synthesizer.

TUNNELS is comprised of two distinct modules : TUNNEL IN and TUNNEL OUT.  The TUNNEL IN module by itself is a buffered multiple, duplicating an input signal across multiple outputs.  The TUNNEL OUT module expands the TUNNEL IN module by adding additional outputs at another location in your synthesizer.  TUNNEL OUT modules can be chained together infinitely to create massive multiple banks or send common signals like clocks and 1v/oct signals to strategic locations in your modular synthesizer.

The TUNNELS system is being launched via Kickstarter.  Visit the Kickstarter page for more information and to reserve your TUNNELS system. Individual modules start at $75 each.

Visit the Kickstarter :


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