New Features in Patterning 2

November 19, 2019 10:27 PM

Patterning 2.2 is out now with some new features! 

Loop Pages allow you to break longer loops into multiple pages for editing.  If you’ve ever tried working on a loop that was 64 steps long and thought “my fingers are too big for this, and my eyes are too small” then this feature is for you.  By default, loops are broken into pages of 16 steps, but can be adjusted individually or across an entire song.  In addition to making editing easier, this new feature has allowed us to increase the maximum loop length to 512 steps, up from 64.

Watch the Loop Pages demo video here. 


Also new in version 2.2, the Default Song feature allows you to set a template to use for newly created songs.  This is allows you to re-use your most common settings, like tempo, MIDI mappings, and drum kits when creating a new song.  Swipe left-to-right on a song in the song file browser to set it as the default song template.

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