Patterning 2.1.2 : Polyphony / Mono Sample Mode

August 1, 2019 4:17 PM

With Patterning 2.1.2 we've added a new MONO sample mode which is accessed from the new polyphony parameter.  Download Patterning 2 now!

The polyphony parameter controls the number of simultaneous voices that can play on an instrument at the same time. 

The two polyphony modes are MONO and POLY.  Prior to this update, all instruments functioned in POLY mode, meaning that up to 32 voices of a sample could play simultaneously on an instrument.  

MONO mode, in contrast, allows only one voice of an instrument to play at a time.  In effect, re-triggering a voice will cut off any voices that are already playing on that instrument. 

Watch the demo video to see how it works in action.  

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