Patterning: News & Updates

September 2, 2015 11:51 PM

Today marks the two-week anniversary of Patterning’s release! Between the final pushes toward the big day and the initial frenzy that followed, August was a busy and exciting month for us. Now that we have made it to September, a recap is in order.

We have been thrilled by the response to Patterning so far. In its first week, Patterning was the #1 iPad music app on the US App Store, and was featured on the App Store’s Best New Apps list. User reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with comments like “very intuitive and addictive,” “so much creative potential with this,” and “this is a drum machine perfected.”


Patterning has received some great media coverage, too.  Scott Wilson at FACT Mag interviewed Ben Kamen in this thoughtful article.  The app has also been reviewed by John Walden for Music App Blog, Martin Bryant for The Next Web, Tim Webb for Discchord, Sean Garland for iOSMars, Mitch Slayton for AudioNewsroom, and on SynthAnatomy.

New Artist Kits

In addition to the fantastic assortment of artist kits that were released with Patterning, we will be continually expanding the sample library via a steady stream of cloud-released kits. 

Earlier this week, we released a new kit from Manchester-based experimental musician Rodrigo Costanzo, along with an interview that can be read here. We are excited to release more kits and take the opportunity to talk to different artists about their creative processes. 

Patterning Videos

In case you missed them, we have already released a few videos related to Patterning. In addition to two promo videos, there is also a short tutorial on controlling Patterning with AudioBus Remote:

We also made this overview of Patterning’s Standard Loop Mode

We will be rolling out more tutorial videos soon, so stay tuned!

Oh, and how could we leave out this video of Patterning hooked up to Ben’s Eurorack Synth?

Other Videos

We have also seen a handful of other videos popping up. Thanks to Doug (thesoundtestroom) and Mitch (TheAudioDabbler) for sharing their Patterning overview videos on YouTube.

Synth Anatomy posted their video on sequencing iOS synths and VST plugins with Patterning via MIDI. Also, check out iPadLoops for their video on importing samples into Patterning… and be sure to check out their Moog Voyager drum kit which they are sharing for free!

Bugs & Feature Requests

With any app release comes bugs!  Yuck. Thanks to our diligent beta testers, many of them were resolved before the release date. Still, some did not become apparent until Patterning was released into the wild. We have gotten lots of useful user feedback regarding bugs, and expect the majority of them to be resolved by the next update, version 1.0.4. 

We have also been keeping track of requests for new features in Patterning… we have cataloged all of them and some will definitely be addressed in future updates. All we can say right now is “stay tuned!”

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