Patterning 2 Now Available

July 27, 2018 3:12 PM

Patterning 2 is Here.

We are excited to announce the release of Patterning 2, the next generation of the award winning circular drum machine.  Patterning 2 introduces a huge number of exciting new features, building upon the unique charms of the original.  

Patterning is 25% off for a limited time.

With Patterning 2’s new RECORD page, it’s faster than ever to create patterns.  Hit the record button and tap out a beat on the drum pads.  Parameter movements are recorded too, making automation as easy as touching a slider.  

Patterning 2 also massively expands on the sequencing capabilities that made the original so deep and flexible.  Use randomization to give new life to your sounds, adding subtle or extreme variation to instrument parameters.  New ratcheting controls allow you to create textural rolls and polyrhythmic flourishes.  Use the new quantization settings to easily sequence melodies with samples or MIDI.   And with pattern-linked tempo changes and drum kit swapping, a Patterning song can effectively be used to perform an entire set of music.  



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