Patterning 3

Patterning 3 is scheduled to launch on May 24th!

It's been a long time in the works, and now Patterning 3 is finally on its way.  Patterning 3 introduces a huge number of major improvements and features.  Of course, the #1 request for was to make Patterning an Audiounit plugin for iPadOS -- so if that's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed!  

We're offering an early-bird discount / upgrade price of 33% off the launch price from now until April 19.  Then from April 20 to launch day the discount will be 16.66% off the launch price.  So.... pre-order now and get the best deal!  

Please note that Apple provides no way to do upgrade pricing, so this is your chance as a loyal customer to get an upgrade deal on P3.

Patterning 3 elevates the award-winning circular drum machine experience to unprecedented heights. Building on the intuitive interface and deep feature set that made Patterning a favorite among producers, version 3 introduces groundbreaking enhancements that redefine rhythm creation.


Now, Patterning 3 operates seamlessly as an Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) plugin, integrating into iPad hosts like Logic, AUM, Cubasis, and Loopy Pro. This major upgrade opens up new realms of production possibilities, allowing Patterning 3 to be part of your broader sound design workflow and supports both multichannel audio output and MIDI.  


Patterning 3 introduces a revolutionary approach to musical timing that we call PARAMETRIC SWING. This innovative feature allows for the creation of beats with a unique, dynamic feel - from the slightly off-kilter to wildly erratic, drunken beats. Parametric Swing breathes new life into your rhythms, offering a fresh take on groove and timing.


FILL PATTERNS add a new layer of performance dynamics. With the simple press of a button, users can switch to an alternate "fill" version of their pattern, perfect for adding dramatic flair or transitioning between sections of a song.


The addition of new MODULATION Types further expands the sonic palette. Apply LFOs, Randomizers, and Velocity Macros to most parameters, crafting beats that pulse, evolve, and react in complex ways. These tools invite producers to explore new territories of sound manipulation and sequencing.  


Dive deeper into sound design with the new FX TRACK. This dedicated track allows for the automation and modulation of FX parameters, enabling users to sculpt their sound with greater detail. Manipulate effects over time to add movement, texture, and depth to your beats.


Expand your compositional possibilities with MULTIPLE TIMELINES. Craft intricate musical narratives, experiment with polyrhythms, or simply organize your song sections more effectively within a single project.  


Other new features include improved file management, track saturation and ring modulation, a master compressor, workflow improvements, updated UI and more.  


Patterning 3 further revolutionizes the drum machine landscape by introducing a suite of powerful new features, enhancing the creative workflow and offering unprecedented control over your music production process. 

Patterning 3 continues to support the features that have made it indispensable to producers, including the ability to quickly compose beats, automate and randomize parameters, and arrange patterns into full songs. The built-in effects, direct export to Ableton Live and audio loops, extensive MIDI connectivity, and access to a vast and growing library of user-created drum kits  ensure that Patterning 3 remains at the forefront of musical innovation and creativity.


With its intuitive circular interface, producers can dive deep into sound exploration and rhythm creation like never before. The addition of new features such as AUv3 support, Parametric Swing, Fill Patterns, and advanced modulation options only expands its versatility, making it a powerhouse tool for both live performances and studio productions. Whether you're crafting intricate electronic beats, composing cinematic soundscapes, or exploring avant-garde rhythmic patterns, Patterning 3 offers the tools and flexibility needed to bring your musical visions to life. Embrace the rhythm revolution and discover endless possibilities with Patterning 3: Drum Machine.

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