Patterning 3

Drum Machine

Patterning 3 is scheduled to launch on May 24th!

It's been a long time in the works, and now Patterning 3 is finally on its way.  Patterning 3 introduces a huge number of major improvements and features.  Of course, the #1 request for was to make Patterning an Audiounit plugin for iPadOS -- so if that's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed!  

Patterning 3: Drum Machine 

Available May 24, 2024

Olympia Noise Co. is pleased to announce Patterning 3: Drum Machine. Patterning 3 elevates the award-winning circular drum machine experience to new heights. Building on the intuitive interface and deep feature set that made Patterning a favorite among producers, version 3 introduces groundbreaking enhancements that redefine rhythm creation.

New Features Include:

  • AUv3 Support: Patterning 3 now operates seamlessly as an Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) plugin, integrating into DAWs like Logic, AUM, and Loopy Pro. This major upgrade opens up new realms of production possibilities, allowing Patterning 3 to be part of a broader sound design workflow.
  • Parametric Swing: A revolutionary approach to musical swing, Patterning 3’s Parametric Swing allows for the creation of beats with a unique, dynamic feel—from slightly off-kilter to wildly erratic. Unlike traditional drum machine swing that only offsets every other 16th note, Parametric Swing lets you tilt and curve time in unprecedented ways.
  • Pattern Fills: Add a new layer of performance dynamics. With the press of a button, users can inject an alternate "fill" version of their pattern, perfect for adding dramatic flair or transitioning between sections of a song.
  • Modulation Sources: Expand your sonic palette with new LFOs, Randomizers, and Velocity Macros that allow parameters to pulse, evolve, and react in complex ways.  
  • FX Track: Automate and modulate master effects, including delay, reverb, distortion, and EQ. New controls like EQ stereo spread, Distortion Res, and a master compressor have also been added.
  • ALT: Quickly access advanced parameters, modulation sources, and assignments, along with quick mute/solo controls, copy/paste, and more.
  • Nudge and Quantize: Apply timing offsets to each step or automatically when recording to create organic, off-the-grid beats. Alternatively, use Quantize to align your beats to the grid.



  • New Instrument Effects: The sampler now includes Ring Modulation and Distortion for each track, adding new textural possibilities.
  • Timeline Updates: A reworked timeline interface facilitates quicker song creation, looping of sections, and switching between multiple timelines.
  • Improved Workflow: Enhancements in sequencing, editing, automation access, and MIDI Learn make your workflow smoother than ever. File management using the FILES app provides easier access to your files and samples.  New color themes for customizing app appearance.

Patterning 3 continues to support indispensable features like quick pattern recording, parameter automation and randomization, and full song arrangement. The built-in effects, direct export to an Ableton Live Set, MIDI connectivity, and access to a library of 650+ user-created drum kits remain integral to its comprehensive production environment.

With Patterning 3, the future of beat-making is not just about creating rhythms; it's about discovering new musical landscapes.


Praise for Patterning 1 & 2

Patterning was named Runner-Up for App Store App of the Year (iPad) by Apple in 2015.


“Patterning 2 has simply made a brilliant app even better and, if a single app might be a reason to buy an iPad, this is an app in that class.” - Sound on Sound.


10/10”  -

“Patterning is brilliant; beautiful to look at, so very clever in terms of the programming options and, as far as I’m aware, unique as a drum/rhythm programming environment”  - MusicAppBlog


“Patterning is an amazingly fun and creative app …The look, feel and layout are all first rate and the sounds are excellent. Even beginners will be able to create something that sounds cool, and more experienced users will be able to put together some amazing beats complete with automation and per-drum settings the likes of which you usually need a full DAW setup for.”  - AskAudio

Read the user manual.




“I had thought all my iOS drum box desires were satisfied, but I was wrong. There’s room for another and this is it. Patterning has many unique strengths, and beats any hardware drum machine when it comes to polyrhythms and evolving patterns. It’s as mesmerizing to watch as it is to listen to.” - Sound on Sound


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