dot Melody

dot Melody is a multidimensional graphic arpeggiator, sequencer and drum machine.  Move dots around to create intertwining melodies, bass lines, and drum beats. Switch chords and patterns on the fly. Select from a range of instruments and process them through delay and reverb effects.

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  • Tap or drag anywhere to create new dots. 
  • Move dots horizontally to change pitch within the current chord.
  • Move dots vertically to change duration/rhythm.
  • Tap a dot to make it a rest.
  • Double tap to delete it.


  • Switch chords/scales on the fly to change the notes in your pattern.
  • Unlimited number of chords
  • Choose from suggested chords or create your own.


  • Unlimited number of patterns, each with 3 instrument layers.
  • Copy, reverse, clear, randomize, and generate functions.
  • Easily re-order patterns.


  • 3 instrument layers
  • 23 carefully created built-in instruments 
  • Mod Wheel enabled
  • Independent volume controls with the mixer. 
  • Independent delay effect sends.


  • Tempo-synced delay with feedback and low pass filter.
  • Reverb with mix and decay controls. 

Tempo & Time Signature

  • Tap Tempo function
  • Choose from a range of time signatures for pattern syncing.
  • Use x/x time signature to enter “free mode” and let your instruments create phase patterns.

MIDI Out (In App Purchase)

  • Each instrument layer can use independent MIDI ports and channels.
  • Mod Wheel support included. 
  • Advanced MIDI timing implementation

File Management

  • Create new files from templates in any key
  • Easily duplicate or re-name files


  • Hit the record button to record your jams in real-time.
  • Recordings are saved to iTunes File Sharing. 


  • Use dot Melody as an Audiobus source! See for more information.

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