What's new in Ondes 1.1 : Y Axis Modulations

November 12, 2014 4:10 PM

Ondes version 1.1 is a big update with lots of new features.  Today we chat about the new possiblities of using the Y Axis. 

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In Ondes 1.0, the Y Axis was used in two ways - to control the volume of a note and to directly control filter or wavetable settings in certain configurations.   In 1.1, we now have a few more ways to work with the Y Axis. 


First off, you can now change the sensitivity of the Y Axis’ volume control.  The default setting is 100% - this is the same as it was in version 1.0.  

At 0%, the Y Axis does not control volume and all notes will be the same volume.  

At -100%, the Y axis is inverted so that it is quiet on the top and loud on the bottom!  

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When you are using an LFO to modulate the wavetable or filter cutoff, you can now also map the Y Axis to control LFO depth & rate.  This allows you do do really cool things like increase the intensity or speed of your modulations while playing.  

All of the modulation settings can be inverted, allowing Y Axis position to be positively or negatively added to the initial parameter setting. 

Ondes version 1.1 is coming soon the App Store.  Stay tuned!  

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