Chordion Conductor

for the Leap Motion Controller

Chordion Conductor features a unique interface that is instantly accessible and fun for all ages. Choose from a wide range of chords & scales. Turn on the arpeggiator for instant melody making. Mix together common instruments with the built-in sound engine or turn on MIDI mode to control your favorite synthesizer or sampler. Use all three dimensions to control volume, panning, modulation, and pitch bend. Watch Video

Instrument Settings

  • Two timbres with 128 choices each and mix control. Create fun new instruments such as the "Glocku-hachi."
  • Echo effect with tempo synched delay time, feedback, and filter controls.
  • MIDI mode


  • Five arpeggiator patterns - up, down, up/down, down/up, and random
  • Vertical position controls duration of each note individually
  • Works great in MIDI mode

Keyboard Settings

  • Up to 8 octave range
  • Lowest note control
  • Up to 8 chord/scales accessible at a time
  • Huge choice of chords and scales

Motion Controls

  • Panning, volume, mod wheel can be mapped to up-down, right-left, or forward-backward movements with variable depth
  • Pitch bend can be controlled by forward or up-down movements with variable depth
  • Works great in MIDI mode